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YoYo Quilt Overshirt Jacket (M/L)

YoYo Quilt Overshirt Jacket (M/L)


This jacket is made from a 1930s feed sack fabric Yo-Yo handmade throw quilt. Yo Yo quilts are made by taking circular remnants of typically feed sack cotton, loosely binding the edges, then cincing the edges into the middle to make a puckered circular shape. These individual pieces are then attached to one anther in a grid to make up the design of the quilt. It is one of the most tedious processes among quilting, and is therefore rare in design.
The collar is lined with a vintage blue Hawaiian searsucker print.

It's long drape, tailored fit and soft cotton interior make up the multitudinous intentions of its wear. Light due to its patched quality yet warm with its thickness, its uses extend from early morning warm to mid afternoon eye-catching elegant style.


  • Four front buttons + 1 yo-yo appliqué button
  • Two front pockets


The wear and uniqueness of each item is original to every curated textile. Hand made in California.

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