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Chateau d'Ars Horse Blanket

Chateau d'Ars Horse Blanket

Mid 1800's French horse blanket from Chateau d'Ars in France. Horse blanket with the noble crown and BA monogram. The family is Bremond d'Ars a noble family with a rich history. Made using a linen and cotton mix , red check fabric and there is a heart shaped felted wool buckle. The wool trim is red. Hand and machine stitched.


History: Château d'Ars is currently in the town of Ars in Charente near Cognac and dates from the seventeenth century. The Lordship of Ars, the dowry of Jeanne d'Ars and Balanzac (who married William Bremond in 1340) remained in the family Bremond d'Ars until the late nineteenth century. In this alliance, the land of Ars remained in the possession of the house of Bremond who, at the same time, retained the name. When the slingers ordered by the Prince of Condé besieged Cognac in 1651, Jean-Louis Bremond d'Ars (1606-1652) still filled the old feudal duty imposed by his ancestors - defending a Cognac and doors of the castle of Ars. He received the title of Marshal of the camps and the king's armies and married the castle Mad Love Mary Guillememette of Verdelin (1606 to 1687). While Jean-Louis Bremond d'Ars Cognac defended besieged by the slingers, his wife Guillemette locked in the castle was defending. It's also who dug a canal to drain the swamp of Ars. The castle still has a very nice old frame in the style of medieval structures. Basements, kitchens and other parts of sub-so are vaulted stone. The terrace is surrounded by an ancient moat. The parapets are underlined by a large bead as the parapets of the ramparts of Brouage. Not far from the castle, the agricultural use buildings include an old winery, wine and cognac, with a beautiful long stone arch, arched.
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