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Orange Japanese Boro Futon Cover

Orange Japanese Boro Futon Cover


Centuries old Japanese Boro cloth. Originally used as a futon cover in a rural home, stuffed with straw or feathers. Mended using traditional "sashiko" mending  by people of Northern Japan.


Japanese Boro is a term derived from the Japanese "boroboro", meaning something tattered or repaired. The practice of reworking and repairing textiles [clothes or bedding] through piecing, patching and stitching, in order to extend their use. To extend its use, this textile has been mended, tattered, reworked, patched and torn. Due to the repetition of reworking, it’s likely that little of the originally bedding is still present, or more likely, is hidden underneath the layers of patches and mended workings. History of many lifetimes of family, the Japanese made use of what they had on hand.

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