This jacket is made from a 1880's rare quilt incorporating two different quilting styles into one, "Crazy" and "Log Cabin". It was from a former American Quilt collection at the Smithsonian. Originally sewn all by hand with silks and velvets,, and lined with a red silk, this quilt has lasted 140 years... and it's apparent. The wear shows the sotry of its past use, resting in one home in Kingston, New York for decades, finding its way into the Smithsonian Am. quilt collection of rare quilts, and then remade into this jacket that continues its legacy.


  • Three front pockets
  • Five buttons
  • M


All idiosyncrasies, mending, and wear are unique to the original textile.

Tailor made in Los Angeles. Dry clean only.

Crazy Log Cabin Quilt Jacket