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Nonni's Crochet Throw Hoodie (M/L)

Nonni's Crochet Throw Hoodie (M/L)


This hoodie is made from a hand-crocheted throw blanket, made by my maternal Italian great grandmother, Camilla "Nonni" Baratta. My mother, Michele Baratta-Detwiler, said that she remembers her Nonni keeping a crocheting needle in every room of the house, to always have different projects to be working on. Meanwhile, she would be rolling pasta in the kitchen. My mom said she would go in there to try to sneak some pasta before dinner, and she would slap her because it wasn't dinner yet. Or if she had a broom stick, she'd whack her with it and say no!


  • Hand-crocheted
  • Hand-crocheted lace front placket
  • Tied hem


    The wear and uniqueness of each item is original to every curated textile.

    Hand made in California.

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