This is a tied wool patchwork quilt from 1940. It belonged to a family in Springfield, Missouri. Comprised of small squares and large squares all wool in tweed, houndstooth and solids. The pieces are all from remnants of found wool suiting fabrics. Browns, navy, green, grey, blue, and red tied yarn. Backed in a purple and deep pink striped blanket. Bound with a red velvet trim.


1 Jacket Available in Size Medium

1 Jacket Available in Size Small


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Suggested Retail Price: 1554


This quilt is awaiting transormation. Please choose available product size and quantity for selected textile. A 50 USD deposit is required at checkout for each item. Expect each item to have a 90 day turnaround time from date of purchase.


All idiosyncrasies, mending, and wear are unique to the original textile.

Missouri Wool Suiting Square Patchwork Quilt