This jacket was made from a 1930's log cabin rayon quilt. 


Log cabin style quilts are American quilts which can be found in many variations using contrasting rectangle patches of light and darker patches pieced throughout the quilt cover. The pattern of each block is built around the central wquare with narrower rectangular pieces surrounding the center. These narrow pieces of varying lengths are laid end to end and represent the overlapping logs in the cabin of the early settlers. Some of the old quilts maybe found with the chimney added at the appropriate spot on the design to add realism to the cabin on the quilt cover. Figured materials are used in making patches and light tones are used on two sides of the block while the dark patches or are used on the other two sides. Woolens were a favorite fabric for the earliest log cabin quilts but later the finer woolen-like challice and silk patches were employed to great effect.


This specific quilt was was made completely of rayon, a material that was invented in 1924, and then became very popular as a less expensive alternative to silk.


  • Five buttons
  • Three front pockets


The wear and uniqueness of each item is original to every curated textile. Hand made in California.

Log Cabin Quilt Jacket(L)