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Diagonal Checkerboard Quilt Jacket (L)

Diagonal Checkerboard Quilt Jacket (L)


This coat is made from a 1920's checkerboard quilt in a rare diagonal patterm. It was originally from a collection in the Pacific Northwest Quilters Society, then passed on to one of the quilters grand daughters, Ann Quchedeaux of in Salem, Oregon, where it rested for decades. And then found its way to a home in Southern California. Sat in the living room for two decades, this heavy quilt now lives as a warm overcoat for brisk mornings and chilly nights, waiting for its new travels.

The final picture shows the original sewn in label made by the original quilter, Ann. It is hard to make out due to its fading.


  • Three front pockets
  • Five buttons
  • Extra heavy batting
  • Extended length


The wear and uniqueness of each item is original to every curated textile. Hand made in California.

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