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Boro Kimono Remnant Shirt

Boro Kimono Remnant Shirt


This shirt is made from remnants of antique kimono pieces and boro cloth. Boro, meaning a class of Japanese textiles that have been mended or patched together, this shirt is a simulation of such patchwork, incorporating fabrics of silk, wool and cotton.Boro came to predominately signify clothing worn by the peasant farming classes, who mended their garments with spare fabric scraps out of economic necessity. In many cases, the usage of such a boro garment would be handed down over generations, eventually resembling a patchwork after decades of mending.


  • Four buttons
  • 1 pocket
  • M


All idiosyncrasies, mending, and wear are unique to the original textile.

Tailor made in Los Angeles. Dry clean only.

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