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8 Side Star Yarn Tied Flannel Quilt Jacket

8 Side Star Yarn Tied Flannel Quilt Jacket


This jacket is made from a 1940 8 sided star yarn tied flannel and wool wedding quilt. Made by Elmyra Welch with pieces of old family suitings. For the wedding of Toria Baumgartner for the celebration on June 5, 1940 in Colchester, Illinois. Mrs. Baumgartner wed that day and started a family, and this quilt remained in her home for decades to come. Heavy padded wool batting and striped cotton interior. Hand tied with yellow yarn knots. Deep red 8 sided stars and patched grey and black squares.


  • 5 natural corozo buttons
  • Heavy-weight batting and flannel lining


The wear and uniqueness of each item is original to every curated textile. Hand made in California.

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