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1882 Crazy Quilt Jacket (M)

1882 Crazy Quilt Jacket (M)


This jacket is made from a 1880s velvet and silk embroidered crazy quilt. This is a very special quilt because of the assortment of textiles, embroidery, colors and age. It has had a long life starting in New Hampshire. One of the patches on the quilt is an original ticket to the "1882 New Hampsire County Fair." Since then it has been showcased in the Smithsonian Collection of Rare American Quilts.


Due to the antiquity of this piece, it is very delicate and can only be worn with extreme care. Both the exterior and interior show signs of deteriation, which only add to the character and distinctive quality. It was made first and foremost to harness its beautiful qualities as a piece of art.


  • Three front pockets
  • Five natural corozo buttons
  • Breast pocket flap


The wear and uniqueness of each item is original to every curated textile. Hand made in California.

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