Launched by surfer and model Tristan Detwiler, STAN is a Southern California brand based on sustainability, surf-culture and story-telling.

“I was born and raised in San Diego, which will always be my home,” says Tristan. Surfing is a large part of my life, and therefore STAN is influenced by Southern California surfing culture and its relaxed lifestyle. I wear my STAN jackets to the beach to surf, then dust off my sandy jeans and throw my jacket back on to get a craft beer at sunset,” says Tristan.

Stan uses textiles as old as 140 years old, forgotten over time, and unveils narratives of travel, ownership, wear, mending and love. Some tattered and passed down over generations; Now these one a kind pieces allow a new person to continue and share unique stories of time, in a different form such as a jacket. Each piece bears the mark of the past.

Our sustainable aim is to breathe life into each textile and honor its unique provenance. Stan will always maintain its sustainable and waste-less business model that it has been committed to since day one.